Dr. Wilbert Bascom

General Supervisory and Compliance Principal

Wilbert O. Bascom is a General Supervisory Principal and a Compliance Team Member of PAF Securities (PAF), the broker-dealer subsidiary of Pan American Finance, Miami, FL. He has over 20 years of experience in the securities industry including 12 years as an associate of the Firm.

Prior to his association with PAF, he was the President & CEO of First Equity Corporation of Florida (First Equity), an investment banking firm, while providing support services (e.g. part-time FINOP; CCO; and Board Director) to a few start-up broker-dealers which were either affiliates or non-affiliates of First Equity.

First Equity’s product and service offerings to its corporate clients included fundraising through private placement and IPO transactions; advising on mergers and acquisitions; financial modeling, pricing analysis, and proforma earnings impact analysis. As its President and CEO, as well as one of its Directors, Wilbert Bascom participated in the approval, and supervision of these transactions, and attended, in the process, the firm’s various regulatory and investor protection obligations, particularly its due diligence and suitability obligations.

For 14 years, before his entry into the securities industry in Florida, Wilbert Bascom was the Chief of the Florida Bureau of International Banking, Department of Banking and Finance responsible for supervising the activities of the Florida offices of the 40 or more International Banking Corporations (IBCs) licensed to operate in the State. These IBCs were organized and chartered in the EU, Caribbean, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Finally, Dr. Bascom is a graduate of University of London, BSc(Econ); and University of Wales, MSc(Econ) and PhD(Econ). He also holds three FINRA principal licenses (e.g., Series 24, 27, 53) and the FIBA/FIU Professional in Anti-Money Laundering Certification (CPAML).

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