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Our PAF Energy Perspectives is a monthly report covering the key leading energy transition related transactions completed across our key markets in the Americas and core Europe. The report covers M&A, capital investment (equity and debt), and capital raising activities of the key market participants in the advanced and sustainable energy sectors.

November 2022

Our PAF Energy Perspectives – Monthly Market Update is provided on a monthly basis, and captures notable capital raising and M&A activity across the global advanced and sustainable energy sector. We provide the Monthly PAF Energy Perspectives – Monthly Market Update both directly, and also via our PAF Insights section of our web and online presence.


PAF Energy Transition Industry Research provides insights on prevailing market conditions, recent trends and drivers, challenges, and outlooks across Europe and the Americas within renewable energy, sustainable transport, and private market investment in core decarbonisation focused sectors.

PAF Global Infrastructure GP Report

The purpose of PAF’s Annual Infrastructure Investment in the Global Clean Economy Report is to provide a high-level view of the demand drivers, opportunities, challenges and outlook prevalent in major markets for infrastructure investment in clean economy sectors of renewable energy, electric transportation, and the built environment. An understanding of global industry trends and country-specific market factors are critical to success for all potential market entrants.

We hope you will enjoy reading our inaugural report on the Global Infrastructure Investment in the Global Clean Economy.

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