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PAF Insights

Energy Transition

Our Committment to a Sustainable World

In recent years, Pan American Finance, an institution dedicated exclusively to advancing the energy transition and promoting clean energy initiatives, has shown an unwavering commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. Recognizing the imperative need for a sustainable and equitable future, our group has integrated rigorous ESG criteria into our activities ensuring that every project, partnership, and mandate taken on not only champions the shift towards renewable energy sources, however, also upholds the highest standards of social responsibility and corporate governance. Through our strategic approach, Pan American Finance is paving the way for an environment friendly financial future, underscoring the belief that profitability and sustainability can, and should, go hand in hand.


Pan American Finance provides significant experience and deep financial expertise across core Solar PV, Onshore Wind, Energy Storage, EV, and Gigafactory markets. Our investment research provides an overview of each sector with insights on prevailing market conditions encompassing recent trends and drivers, challenges, and outlooks across major countries across Europe and the Americas. Our investment research starts with a high-level view on the dynamics of the industry, touching upon the regional variations. It then profiles the major markets within our markets of focus, to provide a holistic view of the state of the industry in these countries, highlighting the growth opportunities, demand drivers and prevalent challenges.

Private Equity and Infrastructure

Private Equity

The PAF Private Equity Investment in the Global Clean Economy report provides an insight into Global Private Equity Investment in the global clean economy. The findings of the report are based on primary and secondary research conducted by Pan American Finance (“PAF”) and its research partner Alchemy Research and Analytics.

The report provides an overview of the global private equity investment market focusing on global and regional trends around capital raising, investment activity, exit markets, and available dry powder for further investment. It also explores the role of private equity investment in the global clean economy and analyses the trends in private investment in renewable energy over the years.


Globally, infrastructure investment in the global clean economy has continued to grow at significant pace, given a combination of increasing allocations to infrastructure by large asset owners generally, growing policy commitments by global governments towards net zero emissions economies by 2050, and an increasing focus on environmental, social, and governance features by all investors.

The purpose of PAF’s Annual Infrastructure Investment in the Global Clean Economy Report is to provide a high-level view of the demand drivers, opportunities, challenges and outlook prevalent in major markets for infrastructure investment in clean economy sectors of renewable energy, electric transportation, and the built environment.