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Private Equity Investment in the Global Clean Economy


Globally, private equity investment in the global clean economy has continued to grow at significant pace, given a combination of increasing allocations to private equity by large asset owners generally, growing policy commitments by global governments towards net zero emissions economies by 2050, and an increasing focus on environmental, social, and governance features by all investors.

Investment in clean energy, the electrification of the global transportation system, and the built environment, specifically the underlying technologies, supply chains, and operating companies within those sectors, is expanding at a rapid pace. Global investment in clean growth and a clean economy is now mainstream, and no longer a niche area of investment by private equity.

The purpose of PAF’s Annual Private Equity Investment in the Global Clean Economy Report is to provide a high-level view of the demand drivers, opportunities, challenges and outlook prevalent in major markets for private equity investment in clean economy sectors of renewable energy, electric transportation, and the built environment. An understanding of global industry trends and country-specific market factors are critical to success for all potential market entrants.

We hope you will enjoy reading our inaugural report on the Global Private Equity Investment the Clean Economy.

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PAF Private Equity GP Report

The report provides an overview of the global private equity investment market focusing on global and regional trends around capital raising, investment activity, exit markets, and available dry powder for further investment. It also explores the role of private equity investment in the global clean economy and analyses the trends in private investment in renewable energy over the years.

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