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Year Founded: 2012

AUM: $19.76B | Dry Powder: $12.00B

Amerika Plads 29, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners is a fund management firm that prefers to invest in the infrastructure and renewable energy sectors with a focus on Europe, North America, and East Asia (Taiwan)

Key Contacts

  • Rune Roin
    Co-Founder & Investor
  • Jakob Baruël Poulsen
    Managing Partner
  • Christian Skakkebaek
    Senior Partner

Investment Preferences

  • Preferred Industries
    Energy Equipment, Exploration, Production, and Refining, Other Business Products and Services, Other Energy
  • Geographical Preference
    Asia, Australia, Europe, North America
  • Preferred Deal Types
    Debt – General, Mezzanine
  • Other Investment Preferences
    • Long-Term Investor
    • Prefers majority stake
    • Seeks ESG investments
    • Will syndicate

Investments By Year

Source: Pitchbook

Funds Closed

CI Energy Transition Fund I
Vintage: 2022

Size: $3.03B

Dry Powder: $3.03B

Details: The fund targets investments in greenfield projects and renewable energy infrastructure

Copenhagen Infrastructure IV
Vintage: 2021

Size: $8.30B

Dry Powder: $6,58B

Details: The fund targets to invest in renewable energy infrastructure assets

Copenhagen Infrastructure New Market Fund I
Vintage: 2020

Size: $1.238B

Dry Powder: $645.7M

Details: Invests in energy industries in Asia, Eastern Europe, South America. Its infrastructure asset preference is renewable energy

Investments By Industry

Investments By Region

Source: Pitchbook

Key Investments

In December 2022, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners acquired  the zero emission generation assets of the Bowen Renewable Energy Hub, the $5 billion clean energy hub earmarked by Queensland as central in its plan to transition away from fossil fuels. Under the deal, CIP will acquire the hub’s renewable energy assets including a 750MW, 16-hour pumped hydro project

In February 2022, A fund managed by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), acquired lease area OCS-A 0544 in New York Bight. CIP’s funds are also behind half of the joint venture of the Vineyard Wind I project. Vineyard Wind, CIP, through its management of CI IV, also owns lease area OCS-A 522, which is located in the New England Wind Development Area. Acquisition of this latest lease area gives CIP the potential to develop at least 3.5GW of energy on the East Coast of the US

In January 2022, SSE, Marubeni and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners won rights in the competitive ScotWind leasing round to develop world’s largest floating offshore wind farms off the east coast of Scotland.The lease area has average water depths of 72m, making the site suitable for the deployment of floating offshore wind turbines to deliver up to 2.6GW

In January 2022, AustriaEnergy and Oekowind agreed to form a joint venture with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) to develop its 1.7GW HNH Project located in southern Chile’s Magallanes region. HNH is a large-scale, export oriented green hydrogen and green ammonia project with an expected investment size of over $3 billion. It will consist of a 1.7GW onshore wind farm, electrolysers, ammonia plant and port facility

In September 2021, CIP entered into a joint venture with PT Akuo Energy Indonesia to develop an initial portfolio of 400MW of clean power projects. The JV, which is through CIP’s Copenhagen Infrastructure New Markets Fund I, will develop onshore wind, solar and run of river hydro projects in Indonesia, with a potential for future expansion

In August 2021, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners signed an investment agreement through its Copenhagen Infrastructure New Markets Fund I with Amp Energy India Private Limited for a joint equity investments of more than $200 million in renewable energy projects in India. The partnership aims to develop and construct a portfolio of 1.7GWp portfolio of renewable energy projects, delivering clean and green energy to C&I and utility customers. The portfolio comprises c.900MWp in late-stage projects (solar PV and hybrid wind/solar PV) and an additional c.800MWp of projects in earlier stages of development

In July 2021, AMP Energy India entered into a definitive agreement to receive $100 million of development capital from Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners. The partnership and funding would be used to develop and construct a portfolio of 1.7GWp projects initially, with the ambition to add additional projects over time 

Other Details

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners is a fund management company specialized in offering tailor-made investments in energy infrastructure assets globally- particular within offshore wind, onshore wind, solar PV, waste-to-energy, transmission and energy storage. It focuses on North-Western Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific. It employs 400 professionals across 30 nationalities

The firm’s latest open fund is “CI Green Credit Fund I”. The fund is located in Copenhagen, Denmark and will invest in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific region. The fund seeks to make investments in greenfield and brownfield projects in offshore wind, onshore wind, solar PV, biomass, storage industry. The fund’s target size is $1.07 billion

Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor, China Steel, FCC Environmental, Fuel Venture Capital, Highland Group Industries, IDC Ventures, Jingoli Power, Siemens, SSE Renewables, Tri Global Energy are some of the institutional investors in Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners’ funds

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