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Year Founded: 2004

AUM: $636.51B | Dry Powder: $6.51B
200 Bloor Street East, Toronto, Ontario M4W 1E5,Canada
Manulife Investment Management is the global asset management arm of Manulife, based in Toronto, Ontario in Canada. The firm provides asset management and wealth management solutions to retail and institutional investors

Key Contacts

  • Shinichi Yamamoto
    CEO & President
  • Barry Evans
    COO & CIO & President
  • Sahezad Pardhan
    CFO & Head of Finance, Asset Management

Investment Preferences

  • Preferred Industries
    Commercial Banks, Other Financial Services
  • Geographical Preference


  • Preferred Deal Types
    Buyout/LBO, PE Growth/Expansion
  • Other Investment Preferences
    • Prefers majority stake
    • Prefers minority stake
    • Seeks ESG investments
    • Seeks Impact investments
    • Will syndicate

Investments By Year

Source: Pitchbook

Funds Closed

Manulife Infrastructure Fund II
Vintage: 2021

Size:  $4.7B

Dry Powder: $3.16B

Details: This fund seeks to invest in infrastructure sector, preferably in the energy space

Manulife Co-Investment Partners II
Vintage: 2021

Size:  $683.5M

Dry Powder: $486.4M

Details: The fund invests in the North America and targets infrastructure sectors

Manulife Private Equity Partners
Vintage: 2020

Size:  $1.6B

Dry Powder: $783.22M

Details: The fund preferably invests in financial services, materials and resources sector

Investments By Industry

Investments By Region

Source: Pitchbook

Key Investments

In January 2023, Silicon Ranch secured $375 million of development capital from Manulife Investment Management, Mountain Group Partners, TD Greystone Asset Management and other undisclosed investors. Previously, the company received $775 million of development capital from Manulife Investment Management, Shell, Mountain Group Partners and TD Greystone Asset Management in February 2022. Silicon Ranch specializes in solar energy plants including large and small-scale solar projects to generate conventional and renewable energy, enabling clients to get sustainable energy resources

In December 2022, PowerFlex, an EDF Renewables North America affiliate and leading provider of intelligent solar, storage, and electric vehicle charging solutions for commercial and industrial customers, secured $100 million investment from Manulife Investment Management on behalf of investors

In September 2022, Manulife Investment Management, on behalf of the Manulife Infrastructure Fund II and its affiliates and Capital Power Corporation acquired 100% interest in MCV Holding Company, which owns Midland Cogeneration Venture, a 1,633MW natural gas combined-cycle cogeneration facility for $373 million

In April 2021, CleanCapital secured $300 million commitment from Manulife Investment Management. As a result of the investment, CleanCapital will be able to accelerate the energy transition including operating solar, new build solar, and energy storage projects

In September 2019, Duke Energy sold a minority interest in a portion of its commercial renewable energy portfolio owned and operated by its affiliate, Duke Energy Renewables, to the John Hancock Infrastructure Fund. The fund is owned by Manulife Investment Management and its affiliate John Hancock Life Insurance Company 

As of June 2019, Manulife agreed to acquire 49% stake for $35 million (INR243 Crore) in Mahindra Asset Management Company (AMC). Mahindra AMC offers nine investment schemes and has an annualised average AUM at INR5,019 Crore. The deal will help Mahindra AMC expand its fund offerings and retail fund penetration in India

In May 2019, AMS, an energy management services company with projects across the US, formed solar and energy storage partnership with 38 Degrees North, and John Hancock and its affiliates. 38 Degrees North and John Hancock, a division of Manulife Financial Corporation acquired an initial set of four battery and solar facilities in California with rights to additional projects in 2019 and 2020

In April 2019, Duke Energy sold a minority interest of its commercial renewable energy portfolio to John Hancock Infrastructure Fund (JHIF) and John Hancock Life Insurance Co., both divisions of Manulife Financial. The assets sold by Duke Energy Renewables was valued at approximately $1.25 billion. The deal included a combined capacity of 1.2GW (49% of 37 operating wind, solar and battery storage assets, and 33% of 11 operating solar assets across the US)

Other Details

Manulife Investment Management is the global asset management arm of Manulife. Manulife Investment Management employs more than 450 investment professionals and has an investment footprint that spans 18 geographies, including 10 markets. Its investment expertise spans across a broad range of asset classes including equity, fixed income and private investments, as well as asset allocation strategies. The firm’s total assets under management are approximately $635 billion

The firm’s latest closed fund is Manulife Infrastructure Fund II. It is an infrastructure core fund managed by John Hancock Financial Services and Manulife Investment Management. It invests in the energy sector

BlackRock, Broadfin Capital, Capital Power, CleanCapital, EagleTree Capital, WL Ross & Co. are some of the institutional investors in Manulife Investment Management

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