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Gigafactory Report

01 | Introduction

The rise of Gigafactories holds a crucial role in meeting the surging demand for batteries by significantly expanding manufacturing and supply chain capacity. However, these facilities come with substantial capital expenditure (CAPEX) requirements, demanding significant long-term investment commitments. This is especially relevant as the global electrification of transportation undergoes a monumental transformation, poised to reshape various aspects of industrial, commercial, and personal transportation into a zero-carbon ecosystem over the next few decades.

This transition carries profound implications that extend beyond transportation itself. It touches upon critical areas such as energy security, industrialization, employment opportunities, and geopolitics. Governments of major economies have made resolute commitments to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, underscoring the urgency of this shift. Notably, regions like Europe, India, and China are taking decisive steps to phase out internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles by 2030. This mandate necessitates sweeping changes across the transportation industry and its entire supply chain.

In response to this shift, extensive research and development initiatives are underway, spanning various sectors, including automotive, trucking, shipping, and aviation. These efforts are driving demand for and investment opportunities in transformative technologies like advanced batteries, charging infrastructure, and power management systems. The convergence of these factors underscores the significance of Gigafactories in supporting the transition to a sustainable and emissions-free future.

Our report, the Pan American Finance 2023 Gigafactory Report, offers a comprehensive overview of demand drivers, opportunities, challenges, and the current landscape in major markets. It delves into global Gigafactory trends and regionspecific factors, along with critical investment considerations for potential market entrants. The report covers key aspects such as the Gigafactory pipeline, major players and ventures, policy dynamics, financing, the battery production lifecycle, recycling, and the current Gigafactory outlook.

We invite you to explore our inaugural Gigafactory Report, providing valuable insights into this transformative industrial endeavour. As we continue to monitor market developments in the coming months, we eagerly anticipate keeping you informed of the evolving landscape.

The report is an outcome of the collaboration between PAF and its research partner, Alchemy Research and Analytics. We want to thank the following team members for their contribution in preparing the report:

Pan American Finance

  • L. Warren Pimm, CFA
    Partner & Sr. Managing Director
    Pan American Finance
  • Chaz Keiderling
    Pan American Finance
  • Elizabeth Akinnitire 
    Vice President
    Pan American Finance

Alchemy Research and Analytics

  • Tapas Bhowmik
    Senior Manager
    Alchemy Research and Analytics
  • Souradeep Basu
    Associate Manager
    Alchemy Research and Analytics
  • Rugvedi Desai
    Senior Analyst
    Alchemy Research and Analytics
  • Maurya Mukherjee
    Senior Analyst
    Alchemy Research and Analytics

PAF Gigafactory Report 2023

The purpose of PAF’s Annual Infrastructure Investment in the Global Clean Economy Report is to provide a high-level view of the demand drivers, opportunities, challenges and outlook prevalent in major markets for infrastructure investment in clean economy sectors of renewable energy, electric transportation, and the built environment. An understanding of global industry trends and country-specific market factors are critical to success for all potential market entrants.